“In the past 5 years, you have certainly helped CGA achieve success for the groundwater industry with air resources regulations, water well standards and other laws affecting our members. THANK YOU!”

—J. Michael Mortensson
Executive Director, California Groundwater Association

“Thank you so much for always keeping us up to date on what’s happening at the Capitol. We appreciate your dedication and hard work!”

—Joyce Takeda
President, Pacific Water Quality Association

“It all looks great (as I’ve always said, you write the BEST scripts and are so well prepared). As long as you keep coordinating these events, I will be happy to be the Master of Ceremonies”

—Amy Lewis
Anchor, KFBK Morning News

“I wanted to thank you personally for all the time and effort you put into supporting AB 1275. Your powerful testimony at the Revenue and Tax Committee hearing, as well as all of the work you did in the background, were vital parts of the effort to try to get the bill passed.”

—The Honorable Adam Gray (D-Merced)
California State Assembly

“Your poignant and well versed remarks served as a key influencer. They reflected your understanding of the issue, your professionalism and commitment to help promote AB 82. You drove home the point that this bill will help tens of thousands of Californians and new immigrants annually.”

—Lawrence G. Romo
Director, United States Selective Service System

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