What Does a Lobbyist Do?

Basically a lobbyist represents the client before the California Legislature, the California Governor’s office and various state agencies. The lobbyist is the public face of the client in Sacramento.

In order to represent their client, a lobbyist does the following:

  1. Reviews 1500 – 2500 California state bills introduced each year for clients subject or interests – identifies bills important to or of interest to client.
  2. Reviews and follows the California state budget as it moves through the legislative process.
  3. Recommends client take positions on legislative bills of interest (support, oppose, watch, amended, etc.) that will have an impact on the client’s interests.
  4. Tracks client’s bills of interest as they move through the legislative process from one House to the other and on to the Governor.
  5. Meets with California legislators to lobby or discuss bills of interest as selected by the client.
  6. Writes letters on client’s behalf on their bills of interest to key legislators & staff, committee staff, other interested parties (Chamber of Commerce, veterans groups, allied business groups, etc)
  7. Testifies at committee hearings on behalf of client, after lobbying the committee members.
  8. Tracks all amendments to the bills in order to advise clients if modification of their position is needed or if position should be continued. Re-write letters stating the client’s position if necessary.
  9. Contacts allied groups, develops grassroots strategy & updates clients on bill status
  10. If the client desires – the lobbyist can also write newsletter columns and provide other written information for the client in order to keep the client updated on the California legislation and legislative actions.