Developing California Legislation

Pete Conaty & Associates guides clients in drafting and developing California legislation.

  • In consultation with our clients, we develop strategies to insure that your California legislation succeeds as it passes through committee, on the floor and in the Governor’s Office.
  • We will find legislators to author your CA legislation.
  • We will testify on your behalf before legislative committees, or if you wish to appear yourself, we will prepare you for your appearance.
  • Our staff will prepare testimony for our clients to use in presenting their bills to committees.
  • We prepare you to answer questions, including hostile ones, from committee members.
  • We provide an early warning system about CA legislation that could be detrimental to our clients, as well as opportunities to advance your agenda.
  • Pete Conaty & Associates is constantly reviewing and researching the California legislative and political process. Our representatives not only monitor legislative databases, but we talk directly to CA legislators, staff members and executive branch officials on a daily basis.
  • We use this research to advise you about the likelihood of success in passing, killing or amending bills within the state of California.
  • We draft amendments that will change bills to lessen their negative impact, as well as enhance their positive aspects.