Specialized Legislative Monitoring Services

There are thousands of bills introduced in each California legislative session. Pete Conaty & Associates sifts through them, looking for the CA bills that will affect our clients – for better or worse.

  • We keep our clients informed – and advised – when bills are introduced and as they proceed through the California legislative process: from policy committee to fiscal committee to the Floor of each House.
  • We use computerized databases but we do much more. We use our experience in the CA Legislature to examine legislation closely; searching for the often-obscure provisions that can have a dramatic impact.
  • Pete Conaty & Associates will provide, on a monthly basis, individualized reports of legislation with particular importance to a client. These reports give the client a brief, easy-to-read summary of bills and amendments, committee hearings and votes as bills move through the legislative process.
  • Pete Conaty & Associates will also provide – via email and/or fax – reports not only on specific bills but a summary of the latest news about the California Legislature, Executive Branch, regulatory bodies and the political process